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Video surveillance
digital supervision;
simulation monitoring;
HD video surveillance
Hard disk video recorder
wire stock
Video matrix
supervisory keyboard;
Intelligent building
DM design
Xuanc design
Perimeter protection
Electronic fence
Integrated wiring
Five wire
Five wire
Super Six module
Super five module
A large number of unshielded twisted pair
management software
Access card
Intelligent parking system
Building visual intercom
Non-visual intercom
roll machine
Queuing machine
Canteens Shoufan machines
Identity recognition machine
PVC card
IC card
The background music and video conference
Family background music
Public places, the background music

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Three kinds of logarithmic unshielded twisted pair - hb-001 | Super category six unshielded module - hb-002 | Super category six unshielded module - hb-005 | 4 inch high-speed smart ball machine - hb-003 | 5 inch high-speed smart ball machine - hb-003 | Infrared medium-speed smart ball machine - hb-003 | Identity recognition machine - hb-003 | -DRCC9003 parking - hb-003 | Dual Zone electronic fence host - hb-003 | ( stand-alone ) electronic fence host - hb-003 | Household central sound system host - hb-003 |

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